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About Us

Our company has 20 years of experience in all the regions of Turkiye. It has built approximately 1 million meters of fences for Municipal and Corporate organizations and individual customers since 2002. Our priority is customer satisfaction, and Our Focus is quality. We serve our customers with our infrastructure. Our company aims to deliver work without compromising employee health and safety. As a consequence of Our Experience in Turkey, We also manage Fence Projects abroad. It has proven itself in line with its ability to provide a 20-year warranty, including the production, shipment, and installation of the work performed.

Our Mission

    • It meets customer expectations at the highest level with its wide product range by providing the right quality-price ratio.

    • With the international experience, wide service, knowledge and cooperation network we have, we are carrying out studies that will be beneficial to society and the national economy.

    • The focus of our company is to provide services with the latest, high technology and methods applicable in the areas it serves.

  1. Our Vision

    • To promote clean working without harming people, nature and the environment with high tain quality of life in the sociocultural field. 

    • To be the most admired and preferred brand of the sector that offers innovative and different products with high quality. 

    • Competitive service is to reach the widest customer group, including all kinds of private institutions and official institutions, in line with the principle of high quality



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Frequently Asked Questions

Why you should choose us?

We aim to provide satisfaction by delivering the orders we receive to the customer on time.

Does it require paint?

It does not require any post-painting. The painting lifetime of our products is 20 years.

Is it easy to assemble?

It is easy to assemble. The assembly system is to insert the aluminum channel. It makes just approximately 150 meters of assembly in one day.

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